Umformtechnik article - January 2015

Umformtechnik article - January 2015


Speedy forming of high-strength wire
The Italian company Sacma Limbiate has introduced a series of semi-warm multistage headers designed for the production of special Automotive and Aerospace fasteners. This six-die semi-warm header enables the German enterprise Tigges to form precisely at high speeds materials like titanium, 100Cr6, Waspaloy and Inconel with an absolutely regulated temperature.

The inductive wire pre-heating up to 900 degree and the sophisticated thermoregulation of tools and oil allows the accurate massive forming of high-tensile materials at his speeds.
This signifies the new “Warm Former” of the SACMA Group.

The company Tigges from Wuppertal, already in 4th generation and managed by Mr. Jens Tigges (44), is one of „the“ leading enterprises in the forging technology sector of special materials difficult to process.
Always in the search of sophisticated manufacturing processes for special parts production the more than 20 years lasting cooperation with SACMA Limbiate in Italy was further intensified.
Tigges is already commanding high precision machinery for the production of small and big series which are partially fed or discharged by robots.
Worldwide more than 500 people belong to the company Tigges with headquarter in Wuppertal.

Another production facility is seated in Malaysia as well as further subsidiaries in Japan, Taiwan and the US.
In Wuppertal a personnel of 140 are working in shifts including a big pool of sales engineers and construction engineers which are responsible for the complete preparatory work and the contact to the customers.
With the 6 die semi-warm header produced at the company SACMA in Italy the company Tigges is able to form materials like titanium, 100Cr6, Waspaloy®, Inconel® precisely at high speeds with an absolutely regulated temperature.
This will be is facilitated because the SACMA multistage header comes with 2 inductor coils which can preheat the materials up to 900 degrees inside the machine.
Already since 1989 SACMA has the necessary technology for this when the first machines of this kind had been provided to a global player for manufacturing ball bearings from 100Cr6 wire.
This machine series and the corresponding technology had been continuously enhanced by SACMA through the years until today, therefore the company Tigges is on the state-of-the-art level now with the acquisition of this semi-warm machine.

Among other things the machine is equipped with the patented wire feeder with servo motors „S-Feed“ incl. wire pull-back function, thermo-regulated die block, spot heating, motorized adjustments of sleeves and wire stop during machine run as well as thermoregulating systems of the cooling oil and the knife, allowing the company Tigges to produce special parts absolutely precise, controlled and repeatable.
With the acquirement of this machine the company Tigges set a clear signal to its customers and the market to get into a sector which is surely regarded as niche nowadays.
During the acceptance test of the semi-warm former in Italy it became apparent that Mr. Tigges is a businessman on the go. Still during the acceptance of his staff he directly ordered the next machine SP360-CR at SACMA to provide the already existing and the new orders of his customers.

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